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About Us

We at The Elegant Masonic Regalia started our business to provide unique regalia that you wont find anywhere else.  When I became a Freemason, I always looked for ways to stand out searching for pieces to complete the look. I not only wanted to shine but I wanted to be different. 

We at The Elegant Masonic Regalia know every Freemason is different and unique in their own way.  Not just because of the title or position they hold, but because of their style and desire to shine. "Don't just act like a Mason, talk like a Mason, walk like a Mason-dress like a Mason from head to toe."  With our collection you can do just that!

With the help of our team, we are able to provide an elegant experience.  We have the ability to customize anything from aprons, collars, crowns, fezzes, gloves and more.  Do you want to stand out and take your regalia to the next level?  Shop The Elegant Collection!  For our collection we use only the finest quality of stones (100% Swarovski Crystals) to compliment and personalize your regalia.  This alone places us in a category of our own. 

We take pride in our work! We ensure the quality of our products crafted are that of the highest.  We ensure honesty and fairness in all our actions while upholding the highest ethical standards to promote trust and respect not only from our customers but within our community. That's why we ask that you grow with us and allow us to be the Masonic Regalia online store you choose for all your needs.